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My Story

When I turned 50 my whole world completely shifted. For years I had heard how reaching the mid-point of life can trigger some pretty big changes and awakening for women. I never really stopped to think about what those changes might be for me.

After 23 years as a professional dog groomer I was totally burned out. I sold my brick and mortar business and my journey to freedom began. I was 40 when I dove into my new passion for how our bodies work. I went back to school to start a new career as a Registered Massage Therapist.

Unfortunately, along the way, life threw me a curveball and learned I had thyroid cancer. Talk about a wake up call! I quit smoking and cleaned up my eating habits. I decided to go back to school again to learn about holistic nutrition and how some foods create inflammation making us sick and some foods can heal the body.

I took my professional passion and my personal experience and followed my own healing journey creating a healthy relationship with my body, mind, and soul. 

As my 50th birthday approached, I found myself thinking:

  • What would the second part of my life look like?
  • What dreams had I not gone after yet that I was ready to pursue?
  • ‚ÄčWhat changes did I want to make and how the heck did I go about making those changes?¬†

As a Registered Massage Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist, Network Marketing Leader, Podcaster, Freedom Coach and cancer thriver, I apply what I have learned and experienced from my own healing and coaching journey.

I now coach others through their journey. I love to create hope, focus and a pathway to improve their life and find their joy.

I am here to tell you that IT IS possible to have health and joy. I know you can do it. I have done it too!!

Nice to meet you

I'm Karen Theimer

It's truly mesmerizing how swiftly time passes. The memory is still so vivid; as if it occurred just yesterday. For years, I had heard about how reaching the midpoint of life can trigger significant changes and revelations, particularly for women.

When I marked the milestone of turning fifty I witnessed my entire world undergo a profound shift. I love to guide women through this time of awareness and change.


Fun Facts about Karen

Fun Fact #1

I've taken my passion for horseback riding  to new heights.

I went from riding a 16 hand horse many years ago to really enjoying a little Arabian who is approximately 14 hands. Who says downsizing is a bad thing?

Little Breezy is teaching me so much. Like…paying attention - we cannot have both of us in otherwise we can both fall down. Yes..that happened. Breezy tripped and went down on his knees and I fell off. was only at a walk and we both shook ourselves off and kept going.

Did you know?

Horses embody Balance and Harmony: prompting equilibrium in life, embracing assertiveness and nurturing, striving for inner and outer harmony. They symbolize power.


Fun Fact #2

I love Baltimore Oriole birds and they show up for me often.

I could be in mid sentence with someone or be in a ‚Äúwoe is me‚ÄĚ place complaining about my world. Then I hear the Baltimore Orioles singing outside my house and POOF‚Ķit takes me out of my funk.

They are so beautiful they make me smile. These little treasures are not easy to see.

They say that if you hear them there are fairies in your trees. Maybe it is true…

Did you know?

Fairies are frequently linked to playfulness, joy, and a childlike sense of wonder. They represent the freedom to explore and celebrate life's simple pleasures, reminding us to find joy in the present moment.


Fun Fact #3

I believe nature is always trying to show us something 

I love frogs. I love to hear them sing. Frogs show up in interesting places reminding me to connect in.

I was in a bad mood and my cat was driving me crazy. I was trying to work and the cat kept leaping at my sliding door. When I stopped to actually look, there was a frog was halfway up the window.

What was this little guy up to? Heading up to the roof to sunbathe? ūüėĄ

Did you know?

Frogs symbolize transformation, change, and rebirth. They remind us that growth and evolution are possible, even in challenging times. Seeing a frog may be a sign that you are in a period of personal transformation or that change is on the horizon.


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